Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Images and words 

Lately I've neglected this Blog for a bunch of reasons - the distractions of Facebook (which I enjoy reading, more than posting on), not having new work that I want to make public and being busy with life in general.

Also, I'm feeling increasingly wary about posting so much publicly using my real name - it reaches a point where your archives say way too much about you! In the early days of blogging it didn't seem to matter, but the quickfire, disposable nature of Tweets and FB posts apparently seems to work better for people using their real names. I do have a bit of an issue with anonymity though - it's always good to be openly yourself if possible, I think.

This weekend I'm attending a High School reunion, which is going to be weird! It has led to me catching up with a number of people I haven't been in contact with for years, some who will attend, and some not. If you went to High School with me and want to know more (between now and Friday), drop me a line.

One of the reunion co-ordinators has asked for a current and past photo, so I've been searching my files for either, or both, without much success. It makes me realise just how effective my policy of not being photographed has been! In this case too effective, given that even with family photos I'm eternally behind the lense to the point of invisibility. Still, I have a bit of an issue with image appropriation that is unlikely to change. If anyone has a good, recent photo of me, please feel free to email it to me! Unlikely :)

Maybe not being photographed runs contrary to what I was saying about not being anonymous in writing...

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