Friday, January 09, 2004
Well, I'm a complete bloggin' novice! Not sure if my thoughts are worth anything, but a few things have happened that it'd be nice to note down, while I'm thinking about them.

My acrylic painting tips page at: Acrylic Painting Tips has attracted more emails than anything else. It's apparently useful, and I can see why! If only I'd known some of this stuff before I started, rather than having to learn the hard way.

Also, my second episodes of two comic series I started last year, Riffin' to Oblivion and Children of the Moon, are about to come out in The Ink, #2 and Xuan Xuan vol. 2. no. 2, respectively.

Last night, I finally worked up two new Manga characters for a short piece in new Australian Manga comic, Oztaku, if I can only get them done by the deadline. Funny how it takes a few goes to get character design right, and to actually start to get a feel for their movements, expressions and personalities, even with the script already done.

This morning, from the train, I saw a young fox looking out from some weeds on a siding, just casually watching the train go by. I know they're vermin here, and I'm a member of the WorldWide Fund for Nature, but at an aesthetic level it was still very pretty, and it's nice to see anything wild on an average day, even a feral :-).

Over and out!

Ian T.
Ian Thomas Graphics

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