Monday, February 16, 2004

Hot weekend 

A few amazingly hot days! The weekend got off to a downbeat start, as I heard on Friday night that my best friend's father had died, and also of the death of Jill's sister's dog, Coco, who we looked after when we housesat for them for three months, a few years ago.

We had a small funeral for Coco on Saturday morning. It was an interesting experience for the children and sad all round.

Still no sign of Percy at that house. I'm hoping a neighbour will spot him and call us. Probably time we thought of getting another cockatiel. They're not all equal and finding a good one could be difficult, particularly since we passed up a goodnatured pearl one a few weeks ago, which may have been one of Percy's relations.

I finally finished reading Watership Down to J. last night, but Jill had to come and read the last page, as I felt a bit overcome and unable to continue. There are few books that can have that effect, but the ending of this one is among the most beautifully written endings I have ever read, wholly appropriate and complete. It really is a lovely book and one of the very best!

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