Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Busy, busy! 

Apart from the fact that I'm rushing around a work there's a lot else happening.

Xuan Xuan is featured today on the front page at Comics Australia, including this page of mine, from Children of the Moon, Part 2:

Also, I've stocked copies of the last two issues of Xuan Xuan at some fine book and comic stores:
COMICS `R' US, Ringwood 112 Maroondah Hwy 3134 (03) 9870 3841
MINOTAUR 121 Elizabeth St Melbourne 3000 (03) 9670 5414
READINGS Book & Music Hawthorn 701 Glenferrie Rd 3122 (03) 9819 1917

I'm overjoyed that bookshops with this sort of profile are taking it! Really, it's a tribute to how good the book is, though I think it could be marketed a bit better.

On the weekend, we had two rats, who are pets at the School, to stay with us. The children were playing with them, but let them wander a bit. I heard loud sqwawking and looked down from my drawing board to see that the larger rat had grabbed our young cockatiel by the neck! I got hold of the two of them, one in each hand, but separating rat from bird wasn't easy! Rats are perfectly nice pets, but I'm astounded this one was so vicious with our cockatiel. He doesn't seem any the worse, fortunately, despite a bit of shock and some loss of feathers. A good thing I wasn't far away!

We're making an American indian costume for L. for the last day of term, and an Indian costume for J., just to confuse the issue :). J. was very sick all night on Sunday, and I think it was the seafood sticks from the Fish and Chip shop, as L. was similarly ill recently (and I had a bad stomach upset).

Today we heard that the little girl who had been having the problems with L. at School is leaving. I don't think it's the right thing, or the best thing for her. Overall, I feel we have been scapegoated to some extent, for a decision that her parents were already going to make (given their criticisms of the School even last year). A pity, and L. is bewildered by what happened.

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