Friday, March 19, 2004


I sent off my first submission to Oztaku yesterday! It's a five pager that I'm pretty proud of, featuring entirely new characters. I was fairly disappointed with the first issue of Oztaku, as the artwork was generally fairly poor (apart from the always excellent David Kerr), but I expect this to improve, and would like to help out. It is a well-produced, slick-looking anthology, so better content is what it needs. As with, Xuan Xuan I expect the artists will improve in time.

I've picked up quite a few Australian comics lately (thanks to a friend who picked them up at Supernova). A story in Killeroo #2 kind of amazed and unsettled me: it was about Killeroo dealing with the recent fox problem in Tasmania, including a humanised fox. I had thought of doing this exact same story. I checked with Darren and he didn't think I'd mentioned it to him. Maybe I said it on the boards, though it seems it is probably just a case of a good idea whose time had come, occurring in parallel to two people. Very strange!

I managed to reach Michal Dutkiewicz! He returned my call yesterday and is happy to be interviewed for OzComics Magazine.

Heard Duncan Browne's "Country Song" on 3PBS on Monday. Maybe I should listen to them more often.

Tonight I'm going to session run by L.'s teacher. These are always interesting. It is an unusual school, but I like the philosophies behind it.

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