Sunday, March 07, 2004

Some productivity! 

Yesterday turned out to be fairly productive. i roughed out the first page for Riffin' to Oblivion, Part 3, did some more research and took extensive notes for a possible children's comic serial I'm thinking about, designed a logo for my Oztaku story and scripted a possible one pager for Ozcomics Magazine.

I'm not sure whether OzComics Magazine will use the one pager I did for #3, called "How to Draw Comics." I have a load of other work to complete for them, including short interviews with Chris Wahl, Alex Major and possibly Angelica (Andricongirl) about their professional lives working in drawing comics and animation. While I'm not sure I'm the right guy for this, my extensive interview with Dillon Naylor (Batrisha, "Da 'N' Dill," "Rock 'N' Roll Fairies") went well. I also have a bunch of comics to review for OCM as usual.

Yesterday I had a call from out of the blue from "Colin." When he said he was from "SwanSwan," I started running through "Swan Hill, Swansea, etc." in my mind, but of course he meant the fine Western Australian manga comic, Xuan Xuan, for which I'm currently doing the serial "Children of the Moon." He'd rung to see how many copies I wanted of the current issue. They sound like nice people and I like what I've seen of Colin Sharpe's work, both in Xuan Xuan and online.

Today I didn't do much more, though I did struggle with a background for my possible Oztaku piece. I find drawing tall city buildings really difficult (probably one reason I don't usually draw superhero stuff)!

It's been an interesting day in other ways. I tried to catch the rabbit before it ran behind the television this morning, but it ducked under the wires just as I got my hand on it. There was a flash and a cloud of black smoke as the electrical cords it had previously chewed shorted out, but the circuit breaker tripped and probably saved us both! So no television, video or DVD for a while.

This evening I started teaching Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain Kings" to L. on the piano. Her piano lessons are coming along well and she is keen and also enjoys experimenting. Teaching her this piece was a bit like teaching Percy, the cockatiel, to whistle Billy Joel's "The Stranger" in perfect pitch. I don't mean to belittle the learning process of children, or anybody, but there really are similarities. As with Percy, L. would learn up to a certain point, then struggle and become defeated by it, give up for a while, then return to it and get me to teach her a little bit more and add it onto what she knew.

Learning is an interesting process. L. used to ask, before she first learnt to read, "If someone teaches, do you learn?" An interesting notion, and probably relevant to my view of some of the training I have to perform in my professional life. Maybe I'll write an essay about it sometime :).

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