Friday, April 16, 2004

Rushing around! 

There's so much to do, I haven't had time to scratch, let alone Blog! Today is my last day in this job, so I'm rushing through work that needs doing trying to tidy up the paperwork, which is everywhere!

I've worked further on my Oztaku submission, but they don't seem to know if #2 will be offset or digitally printed, and it makes a big difference to how I'll finish the artwork!

Dave Kerr's latest Worlds Away #5 is a treat as usual! He's in Oztaku already, so I'd be in good company.

I'm cutting out foam ducks for a possible game for J.'s upcoming birthday party. I can't quite get it to work. The idea is for the ducks to be in a line all around the house, deck and garden, each with instructions on them, such as, "Move forward five ducks, move back three ducks, go to the bridge," etc. The logistics of starting the game aren't quite figured out. Maybe I should stick with something simpler :).

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