Saturday, June 19, 2004

Hail and bunyips 

A month, since I last wrote in this Blog! That's amazing!

I've just submitted my three page piece to Tonia Walden's upcoming Food Anthology comic, which may be called Eat Comics. I did a comics adaptation of J. S. Manifold's forgotten classic Australian poem, The Bunyip and the Whistling Ketttle, which I have long wanted to draw.

I chose a Victorian/Edwardian crosshatched style of illustration and wrote the text in fountain-pen to lend it a classic look. The anthology is not-for-profit, so it's a good chance to get Manifold's work out there again!

Today it hailed here and it was so thick on the ground it looked like snow. The children were making castles out of it!

Last week I went to a one-day training session for new managers, which was interesting enough, if a bit evangelical in its approach. When we divided into groups I found myself repeatedly nominated as leader by complete strangers, so maybe I do have some aptitude with all this after all.

I also got to Minotaur (Book and Comic Shop) and found they'd sold out of the Xuan Xuan copies I'd stocked, which is great!

Work is exhausting. Possibly, I could be tempted to stay on beyond the end of the secondment if the pay was better, but I really don't feel the remuneration is sufficient for the nature of this position. It involves responsibility for a large staff, considerable financial responsibility and continuous problem-solving and trouble-shooting. Surely, that is worth something. In a way, being this busy is enjoyable, though it is having an impact on my family life and creativity. The travel is really a burden as well.

Today I've been working on Children of the Moon, Part 3. It's a scene that has the older Princess being shown an ancient Library by a dragon, so there's plenty of detail.

My songwriting partner, Darren, has been in touch and is interested in getting a bunch of our songs properly recorded, which we're well and truly overdue to do. Initially, I found I felt a bit reticent, as I'm now so tied into drawing many comics stories. However, I have warmed up again now and am playing the piano a bit, which I haven't really done much since my hand injury last year.

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