Friday, January 07, 2005

Blackout and a Moth & Tanuki pencilled page 

While we were having tea on Wednesday night, there was a small explosive sound and the power went out. We wandered up and down the street, but it looked like we were nearly the only house effected (us and our neighbour on one side), so we tried walking up the other direction.

There were a lot of cockatoos hanging around screeching and, sure enough, judging by the streetlights, the power was out (or dimmed at least) in this direction. Around the corner we found a dead cockatoo underneath the powerbox. He was black down one side, burnt through on one leg and had lost the other one, evidently electrocuting himself and cutting the power in the process.

It was a bit like when the rabbit decided to bite the video cord, except he got off with a burn! This time we found the DVD player stopped working due to the power surge, and unfortunately it had a rental disk paused in it! I had to take it apart and saw the drawer open to remove the DVD for return. Those players really hang onto the disk!

On another note, I'm enjoying Anthony Woodward's tiny comic, Scrambled, which is essentially just his sketchbooks and musings put out as a regular comic. Somehow, these small ziney biographical things - such as the work of Mandy Ord and Leigh Rigozzi - tell you more about humanity and art than most of what the much "better" writers and artists produce, and with loads more heart!

Here's a pencilled page of Moth & Tanuki 3, for Oztaku #4. I've actually already inked it, but had to photocopy it for a few alterations before I could do that.


cool to see the pencils ;)
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