Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Still life with rabbit 

This week Jill and the children are away at Bundalong (up on the Murray), at her Mum's place. I've had to stay home to look after the rabbit and guineapig. As ridiculous as it sounds the rabbit is a touchy beast, and has a real need for some attention and company. They're delicate animals and can become ill really easily and without warning, as they do everything so silently!

Anyway, it's given me a chance to work on some things in the evening, though I do miss Jill, J. and L. terribly.

At the moment, I'm completing my script for Tonia Walden's Pirate anthology, which is coming at the end of March, and I finally think I've got something workable and entertaining. It's fairly realistic in style and naturally I'm getting bogged down in details!

I'm also doing a little work on a two pager that I had in mind for Bernard Caleo's Tango #6, which is about Love & Sex. That's a tough theme, but my story is - oddly enough - about rabbits :).

I had to give up on my ten page manga piece for Generation 2005, but maybe next year...

I'm still pretty sick - recovering from whooping cough. This is one reason I chose to re-edit and submit a selection from Riffin' to Oblivion, and possibly a Moth & Tanuki colour page, to the upcoming charity anthology, Operation Funnybone. This is looking like an excellent project!

Thanks to people who nominated me for Best Writer for the Ledger Awards. I do think Riffin' -Part 2 in particular - is about the best thing I've ever written. This is another reason I've submitted a short piece from it to OF. Maybe I have a "cellar palate" though, and don't really know my own best work :).

I'm still enjoying Anthony Woodward's excellent minicomic/sketchbook, Scrambled. Contact me if you're interested in locating a copy, or check out his Blogspot at: http://awcomix.blogspot.com . In addition to the content, I really like the inventive way he has overlaid colour, complete with screentone effects, to get an ideal underground/alternative comic look and also one that is traditional for comics.

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