Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hidden rabbit, drawing pirates and Kiki's Delivery Service 

The rabbit had disappeared when Jill and the kids got home. They searched for a while and then remembered that I'd said I thought it had been trying to get into the base of our bed - sure enough, when they looked underneath, there was a rabbit sized bulge! After a lot of calling, they managed to get the bunny to come out.

I'm still struggling with the Pirate story, though I think my efforts may actually be paying off. There was one girl figure I struggled with for ages, then I called Jill in to model for me - which made all the difference! I know why the pros use models - it really is all the reference you need.

The same goes for drawing buildings, cars, ships, etc. I don't quite know why I'm always trying to build things from scratch on paper, when the real world is available as perfect reference material in most cases. That said, I'm trying to envisage Moth's father's house for Moth & Tanuki, Part 4, but I'll need Jill's help to do a floorplan, I think (she designs great houses).

Oh yeah, as reported here, Hollywood is going to remake Kiki's Delivery Service as a live-action film, even though Miyazaki's animated version is regarded as an all-time classic in every respect.

To me, this is horrible news! Here I was scared of them making a lousy film of one of my favourite novels, Life of Pi, and this is far worse! Apart from anything else, it is cultural appropriation, but worse, it will be utterly Americanised. What is wrong with them, that they can't enjoy the original?!

While I'm on it - I had the misfortune to import a US DVD of Kiki's Delivery Service, and it had a horrible introduction from John Lassiter of Pixar which gave away all the major surprises and plot-points and it was set so you couldn't skip it! Couldn't Americans watch it without having one of their own explain it?! I mean Lassiter's a talented guy, but this was pathetic! Thankyou, Madman Entertainment for the local release!

Hi Ian!! Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog. Read your blog. Twas nice to read. I am fond of cartooning too.

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