Monday, February 07, 2005

In the river 

On Saturday, we finally got a chance to look at the creek properly. Like a living animal, it had carved new paths for itself across the landscape, taking a lot of the banks on both sides, ripping out our metal sheeting as well as the neighbours' chickenwire, and widening considerably.

Amongst the other debris were three huge lumps of trees, one of which was on top of the sewer pipe that crosses the creek to the easement on the other bank - which we're fortunately not connected to as yet :). While I was trying to chop one of these immense petrified lumps of wood with an axe (we're still in the Stone Age) the neighbours came down to survey the damage as well. Not long after, they returned with a chainsaw, and we spent the rest of the afternoon moving lumps of wood, rocks and stones, in an attempt to get the creek back on track and to try to add a bit to the (much reduced) banks. All in all, a pleasant surprise and maybe a sign that things between us are improving, which would be great! We took over a bottle of wine last night to say thanks.

Drawing wise, not a lot is happening. I feel really tired and need to sleep a lot - which is unlike me - and I think it's an after-effect of the whooping cough. Work is tiring, as I'm helping to research and write up a particularly pedantic piece of policy and things are busying up again. I did give a halfway decent class last week though - if only I could guarantee being able to do that!
Last week, I had an offer from a writer friend for a possible collaboration, and I am definitely interested, though I was probably equivocal just because I feel so lethargic at present, and with exciting possibilities on the nearing horizon, I want to be sure I have time for those as first priority. It was a good story though, so maybe it will happen...

I momentarily considered taking down my Lost Cockatiels page, but just received another email from someone who had lost their friend. It's funny, the pages I've put up about this and Acrylic Painting Tips receive more responses than anything else I do, and it's pleasing that they're useful.

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