Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Today J. has gone off to a school camp for a few days, down towards Wilsons Promontory. Her rabbit sadly followed her around closely this morning - unusual behaviour - and kept licking her or wanting to be patted and cuddled. It seems to be able to remember past packing and leaving as something to be unhappy about.

Some of last night's pre-camp discussion went a bit like this:

J.: Tess says there are no sharks.

Me: Nonsense, of course there are sharks down there, but you'd have more chance of getting hit by a car. Cars are a huge risk.

Jill: That's true, but if you thought that way, you'd never get in a car.

Me: Especially if there's a shark in the back seat.

Apparently, when J. got on the bus, she said to her friend, "My dad says there'll be lots of sharks!" Hmm, I think I got this wrong somewhere :).

The cartoon below features a crocodile, not a shark (is this post full of parochial Australianism or what? :) ) The Australian Cartoonists Association's theme for cartoons in the next issue of Inkspot is "Beer and Crocodiles," as it's being put together in the Northern Territory. Here's my spin on it...

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