Monday, March 21, 2005

Making rules 

The party for L's birthday went well. Because the day was still and perfect I set the giant board game we'd made up outside, on the deck. The nine girls all brought a toy pony (My Little Pony or similar) and the coloured-coded board worked really well. I suggested they could follow their ponies around the board, but Jill's sister (who was helping out) pointed out that we'd lose track of whose turn it was if they did that, which would have been disastrous! I might post a picture here sometime soon.

Some absurd rules, that I can't quite comprehend:

- Two different public library systems (near work and near home), both have facilities for library patrons to use their catalogue functions online, including renewing books, placing reservations, etc. However, these systems are password based and no password is allocated - you have to ring up and they input your surname as the default. Why not do that in the first place?! Then, once I'd done this at the one near home, I found I couldn't renew books or place holds because apparently I have $3.15 in library fines owing... which has to be paid first!

It seems to me that libraries are in critical danger of becoming completely irrelevant and extinct - I hope they don't, but can't help thinking this kind of obstacle-making makes it far more likely.

I also found out where I work evening shift on Thursday will be closing for the evening - it being Good Friday the following day - and I'll be working from 10.09am until 6pm. Not 10.08 and not 10.10, but 10.09. I suppose that makes sense to someone somewhere :).

On the upside, yesterday I got paid for a couple of pages of comics I'd drawn - I'm overjoyed! This is the first time in twenty years that I've been paid for comics work (though I have been paid for some illustration work here and there). I really enjoyed drawing those pages, so it's just plain wonderful all round! I'm very grateful to the artist who has decided to employ me to this project - thanks, mate, I appreciate your faith in me!

The Pirate story is still coming along and nearing completion, but I was so exhausted after the party I haven't done as much as I'd (unrealistically) hoped. The deadline draweth near...

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