Thursday, March 10, 2005

Party games 

As usual, Jill and I are trying to think up inventive party games for L.'s birthday party, which is on in just over a week. As her friends all seem My Little Pony and Saddle Club obsessed at the moment, the theme is going to be ponies. We handmade the invitations the other night, with L. drawing the covers, and Jill and I drawing/writing the inside parts.

Jill came up with a kind of large Pony trek game, with coloured spots and using a coloured dice, with the players using a toy pony as their playing piece. I was thinking of a similar game devised as a horse race, except that it would be over too quickly. I'll probably do the usual stuff as well - pass the parcel, pin the tail on a pony and balloon animals at then end (squeak, squeak, KABANG!). J.'s birthday is going to be more difficult this year, I figure.

Comics stuff

First off, Dillon Naylor has activated "Comments" on his Batrisha Weblog - and there's an indepth interview on there - so get on over and say something!

On a sad note, Aaron Burgess today announced that The Ink #3 has been postponed - seemingly indefinitely at this point - and has given permission for contributors to publish their own work elsewhere as they wish. I have been considering publishing a collected Riffin' to Oblivion, but I don't really want to get involved with the costs and headaches of publication/distribution again at this stage. Aaron's reasons are sound, as he's trying to get a business running, which needs total commitment in these early stages.

It is frustating though! I now have 30+ pages of comics "on ice" around the place, with small-press publishers ranging from communicative to completely uncontactable. The saddest case of the latter is Xuan Xuan where the artists are increasingly speculating on the Yahoo list about what might have happened. It's good to be patient though, and I do expect some of these titles - all listed on my Home Page to eventually come to light.

After I complete the Pirate story for the ever-reliable Tonia, I think I might give anthology contributions a rest and concentrate on seeking out paid comics work, in addition to what I've already started on. Producing the work for its own sake is fine, and I accept that feedback is fairly limited, but having it never appear after so much effort really is disillusioning.

That said, Operation Funnybone really appears to have got up a head of steam, and I'm hoping more and more "unknown" local artists will pop out of the woodwork and join in. There are so many classic pieces already in line for this book! The advertisement appears below and includes the increasingly ubiquitous Moth & Tanuki, which was a surprise! All credit to Glen Shearer, who conceived this project and is working hard to make it happen.

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