Friday, April 15, 2005


Holidays nearly over
I just spoke to J. and L. on the phone - sounds like they had a good holiday (at their Nana's) this week - a few leech-bites and a bit of sleep-walking, but fun anyway from the sound of it.

Blacked out again
Today I hassled the electricity company about the power-box that covers our area - we had another blackout on Saturday night, and this time there was a fried possum underneath it (last time it was a cockatoo). They didn't pay up for our DVD player from last time either! The guy said that 90% of their blackouts were from animals and birds doing things to the power-boxes... er, wouldn't it be worth doing something about it then?! One of the problems with the privatised power companies is that the users (as in our case) may all be with a different company, in which case there is no incentive for this one to fix the problem. He said they'd report it and consider putting changing it to more thickly coated wiring :-[.

I'm reading Eddie Campbell's (evidently autobiographical) graphic novel, Alec: How to be an Artist and very fine it is! Other recent Australian (or related) comics I've read and enjoyed are Egg Story (bizarre, but inspired), and the Dave Hodson collection just out from Paper Tableaux, Truly Confused (wry, tragicomic and poignant).

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