Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Drawing Moth & Tanuki 

This week I'm trying to spend full days working on "Moth & Tanuki" #4. It's progressing, but there are a couple of set-pieces that are quite a bit of work. Still, it's a decent script, albeit only the first part of a two parter (with cliffhanger ending). I tried to have all the pages pencilled in advance, but they still need some fine-tuning. I've done some inking on all except the last two pages so far, but there's still lots to do.

I dropped off another completed episode of that project I can't yet talk about, and I was pretty happy with the way that came out - the art was definitely improved by some suggestions from the author, and I'm enjoying collaborating.

J. has a project involving writing up a menu for a complete week of meals, and making tea tonight from scratch. We're having roast turkey with vegetables (which should be fairly straightforward).

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