Friday, September 30, 2005

Rock 'N' Roll Fairies, etc. 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe October issue of Total Girl is out now, featuring episode 2 of the new adventure of Dillon's Rock 'N' Roll Fairies drawn by me. This story has lots of big setpieces and is a real Odyssey - I look forward to getting the script for each episode - the one I'm currently working on has been extended, so I'll find out what happens in the extra page tomorrow.

Our feeding of the local birds seems to be growing. J had a king parrot eating out of her hand yesterday (which they do at Marysville, but not usually here). We get mostly crimson rosellas, and the odd (non-native) turtle dove, but this morning there were a few white cockatoos. Others that show up are rainbow lorikeets, grey and pied currawongs (which we don't feed, because they drive out smaller birds), magpies and sometimes kookaburras.

J and L have been away for a week with their cousins and came back yesterday, but they're off again on Sunday with Jill. I'm tied up with both work and drawing stuff, but I really should take a proper break - I'm still sick, but back at work anyway.


Sounds like school holdays for the family is turning out fun. Even though sick and working, the Ock 'N' Roll Fairies are sure to cheer you up.

We have a front and back door where different types of birds are fed at different times of day to avoid 'diving out of smaller birds' :) There is also a porridge you can buy for lorikeets and other parrots so you can be sure they are getting their vitamins. They chatter with glee when eating it and babies can eat the porridge if their beaks are too soft for seed. Get well soon.
wow, rock and roll fairies. i know that you'll get the next scripts....

we also have lots of birds around our house because we are surrounded by trees. they also make their own nests so many of them. they wake me up in the morning. really nice!

get well!
by the way, lots of thanks for the comment you left on on my latest post. i knew something was wrong in my illustration somewhere but i cannot figure it out, and i am so happy you have seen it.
WOW, It is so cool that you are being published in a magazine, that is just so exciting. The picture looks like its a really fun comic. And about those birds, OOOOOH so jealous, these are only birds I get to see in a zoo!!!!
I laughed at your IF drawing, love how you worked feeling sick into a wonderful take on fresh, great fun. Hope you are breathing better very soon!!! Best Regards, Jacque
Thank you all! I'll be glad when this bug passes, but it's not as bad as the whooping cough I had over Christmas/New Year though - that was bad!

The Rock 'N' Roll Fairies are terrific characters to draw (due to Dillon's brilliant character designs). Also, I'm amazed at just how much of a panoramic setting you get into a small box!

Yep, the birds here are amazing. Along the creek (that surrounds our house on two sides) we get lots of small birds as well - blue wrens, rufous and grey fantails, yellow, scarlet and pink robins, spinebills in the fuchsia, firetails, thornbills, scrubwrens, - I even saw a pardalote over the road once!
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