Saturday, October 22, 2005


It's been a strange week. I owe some email replies, which I'm keend to get to - I'm definitely thinking a lot about what I'd like to write...

Any Illustration Friday people reading this - I did plan to do a picture for "Lost" and even bought some paper specifically to use for a collage type piece, but just haven't had a chance.

I had a job interview on Wednesday for an interesting sounding position, but I think it's logistically impossible, for a number of reasons (mostly money). That's left me feeling a bit between things. We'll see...

At the moment J and I are hard at work on her school project, which is building a model castle. We made the four turrets out of postit tubes and the rest out of architectural modelling foam (sheets covered with a paper surface), which is perfect for making buildings.

Dillon brought back an amazing array of comics from Supernova, which I'm going to enjoy ploughing through - Australian comics are definitely alive and kicking! My only disappointment is that I've got so much work sitting on various people's shelves awaiting publication - I had hoped some of these would've been out for Supernova.

I just heard from Phase Two Comics that they're planning on picking up the mantle of OzComics Magazine and asking whether I'd like to draw/review for them. I'd like to, but I'm going to have to think about it - my time commitments are getting pretty tight.

There are lots of birds still in the garden. J has trained one particular king parrot to hand feed, and I've been hearing kookaburras again, and the peacock meows most nights, so Spring is definitely here. On Wednesday I had to stop the car for an unfamiliar bird crossing the road, which turned out to be a pheasant of some sort! There's no telling what will pop out of the jungle around here.

I have lots of things I'd like to write about - some music to review, various comics stuff - I'm not promising though...

We have just finished building an Egyptian Landscape! Lots of fun but agree choosing 'homework' first stands in the way of completing other things. Hope next week isn't so strange. Our crows are back. We shop at Phase Two :)
I'd like to see a pic of your Egyptian landscape. The castle came out really well (but I don't have a pic yet) - it looks like a real one!

Yay for supporting Phase Two!
It fell apart during the walk back from school :( It's OK, we build things with tissue boxes, toilet rolls etc. all the time. A strange little house was built in the garden last week but a wattle bird bombed it. When re-built this weekend, Cheruboy will post a photo.

Yay Phase Two!
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