Saturday, November 26, 2005


Yesterday, I went back to visit the place I worked last year as a Team Leader on secondment. They were having a ceremony to close down the Service Desk of the area. It was lovely to see them all again, particularly my own manager, who I miss working with. Catching up with staff from the area was fun - one has since retired, another is now working less hours, and one had moved on to another department.

Someone there said "You look younger!" I replied with "I feel younger," which fell rather flat :). There were a few people I didn't know, one of whom actively snubbed me until it was mentioned that I was a past manager in the area, at which she suddenly started talking to me (I was wearing jeans and looking slightly informal, but it's no excuse). A few people I had bumped into at the Industrial Rally, but it was also telling that there appeared to be others who looked nonplussed at the mere mention of such a thing - fascinating :).

All in all, it was fun to catch up, and it's always interesting to go back somewhere you remember before it changes a lot. I miss working there in some ways, but not the interminable distance I had to drive every day to get there.

Today we went to another School Fete (that's three weekends running now). J and a friend had a stall there doing "Crazy Hair" - with pipecleaners, feathers, ties and glitter - and it went really well for them.

Time I drew something...

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