Saturday, December 17, 2005

Current stuff 

Lots of my comics are currently in print:

  • The current Total Girl Special Summer double issue has 3 pages of the Rock 'N' Roll Fairies, written by Dillon and drawn by me. If you haven't checked it out before, now is a good opportunity... and you get a free camera with the issue :).

  • Last weekend Tango #6 (on the theme of "Love and Sex") was launched, containing my 1 pager, Mating for Life, about swans. I haven't seen it yet, but hope to soon...

  • Operation Funnybone has had it's first print run and hits the bookshops on Monday! This has to be the biggest Australian anthology comic project of all time! Moth & Tanuki are happy to be on the cover :).

  • I'll post further on these and add some scans here soon. A friend said I should be thinking the glass was now half full with all this stuff in print, but I had to admit it wasn't in one sense - all the longer stories I've worked on are still not published. I don't want to get into self-publishing (pretty much ever again), but I might have to consider my options at some point.

    There was an article in The Bulletin (13th December issue) that interviewed OF editor Glen Shearer, and Dillon Naylor, and it does a great roundup of the Australian comics scene as it currently stands.

    It's also time to nominate your favourites for The Ledger Awards, but I'm a bit concerned that some great stuff (such as Tango and OF) have arrived too late in the year for people to have seen them. But then it's not about Awards - most of us are only doing this for one reason, after all.

    My submission to Gestalt Comics has been sent off, and I'm just finishing off a colour piece for an upcoming anthro anthology, and have starting sketching an idea for a Portfolio project.

    I've been good and resisted the impulse to scan a blank piece of paper for Illustration Friday, with the phrase "Imagine there's no Heaven." Hmm, I may yet succumb to temptation...

    And otherwise, life is completely hectic as well!

    thanks for the info. i shall forward it to my friends over there.

    hey! Merry Christmas to you and your loveones.
    Thanks, Isay! Merry Christmas to you and yours too, cheers!
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