Friday, April 07, 2006

More recent animal album covers 

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Following on from my recent post about CD covers that feature animals, here's another batch! They're all attractive, imaginative and seem to me to capture something of the essence of the artists - quirky, inventive, poignant and dark.

They are:
  • The Mysterious Production of Eggs - by master songwriter (and sometime violinist and whistler) Andrew Bird
  • Ham - by eccentric indie four piece, The Chap
  • Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? - an album compiling EPs and singles by girl-band, The Like
  • Dry Land - by full-on, moody Melbourne band, The Dumb Earth

  • I'd love to do a (non-computer) animal painting or drawing for a CD cover of something seriously going to be released - if anyone's interested, you know where to find me :).


    i like the first two.

    keep posting your wishes!
    The Andrew Bird cd is SO good!
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