Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Attack of the Killer Tomato Sauce Bottle 

The last couple of weeks have been a low point in terms of work, comics and family (H and R having problems), but I'm not going to Blog about any of that. However...

Tonight I had a really nasty and unpleasant surprise. L said she couldn't open the new Lite Tomato Sauce bottle, so would I please do it for her?

I unscrewed the lid and then looked at the sealed top... closer and closer, because it was doing something fascinating - sort of bulging, bigger and bigger... Then the top blew off - BANG - hitting me right in the eyes with the top, a blast of gas and sauce! The Lite sauce must have fermented in the bottle (due to low salt and high sugar), building up pressure. There was sauce everywhere, my clothes and hair, the kitchen, but mostly in my face and eyes.

It hurt my eyes something shocking and they're still stinging now, hours later, particularly my Big Red right eye. Ouch! I know I'm given to unintentional slapstick but I really didn't see this one coming.


Update two days later: I sent the company an email last night, and this morning they phoned up to apologise, requested details of the batch number and place of purchase, and said they'll send us a hamper (they said they believe in the goodness of their products and apart from this one exception, I agree).

Will you contact the company? They'll usually compensate you in some way, usually with more of the product that harmed you. *G*

While the mental image of exploding tomato sauce caused a giggle, I'm so sorry you were hurt and I hope your eyes are better soon!
Aravis, you're right, I should contact them. Actually, my eyes are still sort of burning and sore, particularly my right eye, but it's better than it was. Of course, I'd already taken today off as a day of annual leave - I always seem to get sick or injure myself before a day off :).
Ugh, I'm so sorry. Your poor eyes! Glad that they were so accomodating. Too bad this had to happen in time for your day off, but like you that's the sort of luck I have so I understand what you mean. *G*

Again, I hope you feel better soon!
If only you'd had a picture taken. I'm sorry to hear you were hurt but it paints a really funny picture. How about a cartoon of it?
The hamper arrived - it's tins of various products, which will be appreciated over Winter.

Cherrypie, I can see the funny side now, but at the time I couldn't see anything for a bit!
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