Monday, May 22, 2006

Recent animal album covers 4 

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Here's another bunch of Animal Album Covers, showing that birds and rabbits are still going strong. However, the trend isn't limited to just birds, deer, rabbits and tigers by any means - below I'll focus just on bears and tortoises!

The four above are:
  • Late Orchestration - the latest from repeat offender, hip hop artist, Kanye West - all three of his albums (right up to date) feature his bear-suited figure at large - a cute, memorable concept
  • Sound Instincts by poppy New Waveish local trio, Sekiden
  • Meditations by The Lovetones - Beatlesesque psychedelic pop
  • Hello Young Lovers, the 20th release by electronic whizkids, Sparks.

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    Onto more bears and lots of tortoises... Local band, Youth Group, appear (like The Grates in my last installment) committed to the animal covers theme. Here's two versions of the cover to their first album, Skeleton Jar, the original and the creepier looking Australian rerelease, followed by the cover to their extremely fine single, Forever Young (doing a lot of rotation at our house).

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    Getting back to tortoises, here are some obscurities from the last several years:
  • Traditional progressive rock band, Trion with Tortoise
  • Singer/songwriter, Terry Vittone with Move on Like the Tortoise
  • UK Indie band, The Doubtful Guest (Yay, Edward Gorey fans!) with Volume 2

  • Oddly enough, the band, Tortoise, have never featured one on any of their album artwork, as far as I know.


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