Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Recent animal album covers 5 

There'll be various comic news here over the next week, but in the meantime, here's another in my ongoing series on animals featured on CD covers. Nearly all of these are very recent releases, and I'm trying to keep it purely to those really featuring animals in an iconic way (I rejected quite a few that had flocks of birds, or people on horses, etc.).

A nice range of animals! Deer, birds and rabbits/hares are still popular, there are some unusual animals such as a crocodile and a thylacine, cats are new and on three albums, and there's a few horses. The AFI cover, to me, brings to mind Fiver's vision in the Watership Down film.

The first two are probably my favourites from this crop. Click on pic for closeup (list below).

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Top Row
  • Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Etiquette - Low-fi melancholy vignettes from fine indie singer/songwriter, Oliver Ashworth
  • The Only Thing I Ever Wanted - Psapp - eclectic, quirky London duo with female vox, familiar from TV soundtracks
  • Just Like the Fambly Cat - Grandaddy - Jason Lytle lays his band to rest in a low-key way
  • Coming Home - Dynamoe - downtempo electronica with guest vocalists

  • 2nd Row
  • Cuts Across the Land - The Duke Spirit - female-fronted UK guitar rock
  • Great Western Tears - The Dunaways - rootsy pop from Tasmanian former Fish John West Reject members
  • Under the Iron Sea - Keane - Who need guitars? UK trio with intense yearning melodies
  • Horse - Tiffany Eckhardt - excellent local (Victorian) folk singer/songwriter

  • 3rd Row
  • So Still - Mozez - stylish chillout soul from Zero 7 collaborator
  • Bohemia - Ils - breaks producer ranging from drum 'n' bass to trip-hop
  • December Underground - AFI (A Fire Inside) - Genre-defying 7th album apparently still rocks
  • Dragonfly - Stringmansassy - Brisbane guitar and female vocal combo with jazz/folk vibe
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