Friday, September 22, 2006

A couple of days away 

I swapped some shifts at work, so we could go up to Marysville for a couple of days - I always find long walks through the tall trees helps clears the mind. Hopefully, this will lead to me inking the pages I pencilled the other day. The guineapig appears to be sulking - I didn't know guineapigs could sulk!

We didn't see any lyrebirds around Marysville this time, but one high point was seeing a flame robin in a tree - not a common sight and very striking. As we approached it from a distance I tried to point it out the J and L, who said: "It looks like an apple." The breast of this robin is a very bright orange colour and it's otherwise black-and-white (very similar to a British flycatcher pic Cherriepie had on her blog a while ago). We often get yellow, occasionally scarlet (and rarely pink) robins around where I live, but seeing them is always surprising.

Thanks to Cheruboy for mentioning me in his speech for a School Project about cartoons - greatly appreciated!

The short piece I'm struggling with right now was my original idea for this submission, which I returned to after writing a few other things that I wasn't happy with. One of these was a six page script that is close to being a strong piece, but it still needs some tweaking for it to be right and the theme to fully emerge. I wouldn't have time to draw it for this submission now anyway, but writing it was kind of personal and oddly, a bit painful, but maybe that's a good thing :).

Pink robins sound rather wonderful. Very Priscilla.

Hope you had a good break x
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