Sunday, September 03, 2006

Logging to Extinction 3 

As previously mentioned here, Australian endangered species appear to present little obstacle to logging companies:
Logging to extinction 1 - Superb parrot & Leadbeater's possum
Logging to extinction 2 - Long-footed potoroo

The latest potential casualty was reported in The Age: Battle for Baw Baw frog: log it and see

"A leaked PaperlinX memo says VicForests has recommended the logging of the 10 Baw Baw frog environmental coupes on the plateau's southern escarpment."

"The frog, found only in Victoria, has all but disappeared, with the population falling to a few hundred from up to 15,000 in 1984. The proposal to log the 200 hectares is part of the habitat experimental harvesting program to determine if clearing would harm the frog, which is on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature red list, and is protected under state and national laws."

As previously noted, a cynic might think removal of critically endangered species from logging areas was a priority. This isn't a new or local phenomena - a famous U.S. example:
The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
In 1938, the last 20 were located in an old-growth forest called the Singer Tract in Louisiana. The logging rights were held by the Chicago Mill & Lumber Company, who brushed aside pleas from governors and the National Audubon Society, and clearcut the forest. The last known Ivory-billed Woodpecker, was gone by 1944.
Scott Weidensaul, "Ghost of a chance" Smithsonian MagazineAugust 2005 pp 97–102.

Picture from: Museum Victoria
See also: Frogs of Victoria

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This sort of thing always saddens me.
Let's chop the forest down and see if the frogs hang around. Duh.

Unbelievable. Nearly as bad as shooting all the seals so they don't eat the fish - that one made me feel like giving up fish.

kitchen hand
The two fishermen who shot 40-60 endangered fur seals last week had their day in court today, I think. I planned to post about them, or maybe even do an IF pic, but it'd be a shocker.

On another note, I just heard that Steve Irwin is dead!
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