Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Glass House axed! 

Not surprisingly (given the current board and changes to policies at the ABC) popular satirical show, The Glass House, has been axed: I didn't axe Glass House: PM.

Politicisation of the public broadcaster? This is consistent with the Changes to editorial policies at the ABC recently announced: "The changes imply a problem of bias at the ABC. No reputable study has found this to be the case."

The departure of respected reporter and presenter, The departure of Maxine McKew, after 30 years, is also a worrisome sign.

It's creepy how the Right wing, given too much control, inevitably wants to suppress freedom of speech - but then capitalism and democracy are often at odds. Any criticism of an entrenched and powerful Government (our Federal government controls both Houses) is inevitably seen as "bias." The recent changes to cross-media ownership laws will more than likely concentrate all media power in a few hands.

I'll miss The Glass House - often crass, but always thoughtful and funny. But then, I miss a lot of things these days.

"All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth"

- John Lennon


Wil Anderson on: Getting the Arse-House.

The Shallow End (ABC): Glass House Gone (with Corinne Grant MP3 interview).
We saw a lot of this at the beginning of Bush's administration. It's beginning to calm down now, with more freedom of expression creeping in uncriticized. It took long enough!

May this pass quickly for you.
I'll miss Glasshouse too, something on tele at a time when you don't want to think too hard and have a laugh. I miss a lot of things now too :)
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