Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Moth & Tanuki in Mania! 

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The new issue of Mania magazine #68 (Jan 2007) - featuring two 2 page Moth & Tanuki comics in colour - is out now! The two stories are an "Introduction" piece (about Blogging :)) and Sk8brd Tanuki.

It's fun introducing these characters all over again, to a completely new audience. I think, considering the younger age-group that the focus will tend to be more on Tanuki (than the Moth focus of the OzTaku black-and-white series). I've been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of these characters, but they bounce off each other nicely and they're capable of shifting between extreme humour, satire and pathos as needed.

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Time-wise, the Mania colour strips all take place after the entire run of the OzTaku stories, so Moth & Tanuki are completely settled in her father's house, and established in their work and relationships with other characters. There's more of an ensemble feel to the Mania episodes, with a regular and recurring cast.

During the period I was trying out for Mania (who had rejected a different series I offered early last year), I did some of these stories in a one page form. I might put one up here a bit later - the 2 page (better and more complete) version appears in this issue of Mania (#68). One of the later ones even went from one (packed) page, to a two page script, to a four page episode that I'm currently working on.

Mania #68 is available now from all good newsagents and supermarkets in Australia...

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lovely colors Ian!
Happy hols, Ian. X
I need a moth costume to make me fly! Hope you have a happy one!
Tony, in one of the early OzTaku strips (where more slightly questionable material is okay), Tanuki almost admits to having tried the dress :). Well, who wouldn't want to fly? Too late for Santa to bring you one, Tony!

Isay, I select the colours for these strips very carefully - I know exactly how I want them to print in the final version - these onscreen colours may be slightly different.
Finally got a copy of this issue, great work Ian! It's a great introduction to Moth & Tanuki too, the kids will love it.
Thanks, Jase, greatly appreciated! I hope Moth & Tanuki prove worthy successors to Big Fun Mega Happy Petland, though I know they would have been even happier back-to-back with Dice 'N' Stu, or even having a Tanuki/Tiki Party :).

Mania's printing is really classy-looking - the layout and colour reproductions came through perfectly, so I'm very pleased!
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