Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moth & Tanuki in Mania 73 

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The June 2007 issue of Mania, #73 is out now, with Moth & Tanuki into their eighth colour adventure.

I'm completely happy with the way the story in this one worked out - good characters, a nice plot that includes a crime, some comic action and a decent gag to finish with. I don't ever want to get into formulaic work but, if I did, this could be a good episode to model on. There's no superheroey stuff this time though. There is one mistake (I'm including one each episode to check if you're awake :)) - they're only ever visible in print!

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Relating to yesterday's post, Busker Jim and his dog put in a minor guest appearance - it seemed natural to include them, given the Dog Training School context. I don't consider any of my past characters completely done with - they're still around, just not currently being actively cast in things. This is the second time I've referenced an old strip in Moth & Tanuki - the earlier one was a Maelstrom reference (as seen in my Illustration Friday Invention pic.

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Never try to force a raccoon into a dog's life!
Tony, as raccoon-like as he is, Tanuki isn't actually a raccoon - he's a tanuki (also called a raccoon-dog), a primitive member of the dog family, so back closer to the bear/panda/raccoon divergence. He was described as a "jumped up raccoon" in a OzTaku synopsis, which is one way of seeing him :).
Tanuki is so cute sitting in the sofa.

i like that dog training illustration.

i believe every character that was created continues to live or just around in every artist's mind.

by the way, would you knowif there was a (cartoon) character that died or really ended(even when when the artist is still alive?)
Isay, there have been characters within ongoing comic strips who have died. Two that spring to

- a number of regular Doonesbury characters - Phil Slackmeyer the conservative businessman, Andy Lippincott one of the ongoing gay characters, and Dick Davenport, the birdwatcher.

- Farley, the original old English sheepdog in For Better or For Worse, who died saving April from drowning when she was a little girl - a real shock with the way strips were at that time.
Hi ian T., Nice blog.
My sympathies lie with Tanuki. I had trouble taking my own dogs to obedience school, and eventually stopped. I don't like to "obey," so how could I force them to? *G*
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