Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moth and Tanuki in Mania 74 

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe July 2007 issue of Mania, #74 is out now.

Seeing this in print was a revelation - I'd experimented with the colour scheme quite a bit this time, going for more pastel shades. While I was working on it I got dissatisfied with the look and was concerned it might not work, but it did! The colour scheme was partly necessitated by featuring lots of browns and purples for animal and evening shades.

My working title for this episode was "A Ferret to Remember" but everyone I mentioned this to hated it :). This title is much better. Again, I'm happy with the way it came out - a decent story and a good gag, with room for both Moth and Tanuki to do things.

There may be a bonus coming up in the next Mania.

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i like how the colors blended. great brown colors. i like when tanuki hopped from the fence.
Yes, but why shouldn't Tanuki hang around? You've left me in suspense! *G*
aaaaaaack! a cliff hanger! i agree with isay; great use of the browns. and of course your characters are so cute they make me squeak with oxytocin overload.

Thanks, all! The cliffhanger thing is a real problem - I don't think I can really post whole stories on here, but maybe I could JPEG the odd one to email directly if people want?

The tones on the fence were done with pencil on paper over a textured board, then scanned in pure b&w with the scanner adjusted and added as a layer in Photoshop. I've started experimenting this way a bit, particularly where a surface could otherwise be flat and boring.

This story doesn't go where you might think!
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