Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Moon for Illustration Friday 

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another nice pen and ink and great sentiment too.
u always wonder bout stuff like that with ppl u miss, nice piece
i like the way you use texture, ian. excellent depth.

my daughter is grown, and lives a couple of states away. i miss her.
Great work Ian! Yes, we have a similar take on the moon theme... You have a nice comic book style.
This piece really makes you think... it almost made me cry thinking ahead into the future when my son will be off at school. Nice work!
Well, sometimes it happens and it feels so good to know……I don’t have to imagine it in color this is perfect for me.
Such a nice thought; I do this too when I'm separated from loved ones. :0)
I used to say that to my now grown-up children when they went away occasionally - look at the moon at a set time and I will as well. A beautiful thought.
Better she looks at the moon than the moon looks at her!

I remember in the 90's when Paul McCartney was on SNL. There was one part when he was outside in the snow, and Elena (French Toast Girl) ran outside so (as she put it,) the same snow that was falling on Paul would be falling on her.
beautiful and poetic!
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