Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moth & Tanuki in Mania 78 

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe latest Mania, #78 November 2007, is out now (cover pic shows the foil bag the issue comes in), featuring the latest episode of Moth & Tanuki.

The page shown above is page 2 of Kart Attack, which wasn't an easy episode to draw (but one of the funniest so far, so I had to do it :)). Todd, the kid in the red hat from previous episodes, is sick with chicken-pox, so Tanuki stands in for him in a Kart race. Actually, I reckon I could have got about 10 pages out of this material, but it's a very tight 4 pager.

The artwork involved lots of shifts of perspective, "jump cuts," closeups and distance shots, several crowd scenes and the use of layers (for eyes looking through visors and reflections). Once I got the print issue, I did my usual scouring for mistakes - I was worried some of those car numbers would be hanging in space the way I placed them before I lined them up with the art - but the only one I found was something I'm not sure I want to change anyway :).

As this story is full on cartoony and over the top, I thought I'd go for something much more character-based with the next episode. Also, I went for bright primary colours this time, so the next one is pastel-shaded to reflect the change of pace. I'm still enjoying this series a lot, and try to let the stories go wherever Moth & Tanuki want to take them.

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so much fun! and i like the kart racers-so colorful.
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