Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Penultimate Moth & Tanuki in Mania 79 

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt's Mania time again with issue #79 December 2007, out now, featuring the penultimate episode of Moth & Tanuki. Mania gets a bit previous this time of year, with the November issue off sale before the end of October to make way for this December issue. However, that means that this isn't quite the end for Moth & Tanuki. The next issue, the Summer Special, will feature the last episode.

This one stars Tanuki in a weird, non-crime fighting vignette about bizarre worship. That begins to cover another aspect of Tanuki that I've been gradually developing (also in OzTaku). He both is and isn't what he appears to be. Pastel colours this time, after last month's bright primaries.

I'm really happy with these last few stories - the M&T world has expanded considerably and the gags are much tighter. Had the series continued I would have brought back one or two earlier characters, and I do think the next four were the best scripts I've ever written. The next (and final) one will star Mothy - it's about her turn!

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