Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Well in Fist Full of Comics 

Fist Full of Comics 5 cover by Tim Pearson

This one has been out for a little while - the latest Fist Full of Comics consists mainly of short one and two page stories - a strong issue with great variety.

My piece is a one pager that sprang into my head as I was finishing off a long, and somewhat depressing, piece for the next Tango (coming soon). Doing pieces that occur so spontaneously is about as fun as drawing comics can get.

Oh Well panel by Ian T.The art was inspired by a '50s sensibility and '70s swapcard art, and also another major theme that's popular at the moment.

I worked with black and white and a single greytone, which is an approach I haven't used before. One of the best things about submitting to small press anthologies is that it gives you a chance to experiment and see the results in print - definitely something I'd encourage anyone to do, if you're thinking about starting off in comics!

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