Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost final episode 

Without getting into spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the final episode of Lost yet, I found it moving and enjoyable. It ended in a way that seemed to me to accord with the earliest episodes, to the extent that it's easy to suppose the writers always had this in mind. I'm amazed by how many people didn't get it, or failed to appreciate it for what it was!

What came through most strongly was that it was all about the characters - the writers evidently really cared about them and it showed. I thought this deeply romantic ending was a gift for us fans and entirely appropriate.

There were definitely some problems with the middle seasons of the show, introducing threads that didn't really go anywhere, with all the mysterious tangents and subplots that made the show really compelling also making it a bit infuriating at times! Still, I'm grateful they didn't try to explain absolutely everything and in the process gut what had happened before (Twin Peaks, anyone?)

Much was explained in the timejumping Season Five (one of the best, and the most fun, in my opinion), with the final Season devoted to the distant past and the present. Possible spoiler: Season Six started how I thought the show would end - with the original Oceanic Flight 815 flying straight over the island.

In the end, the characters and their journeys were what ultimately mattered to me about Lost, though all the other aspects were very enjoyable! Few shows have resolved so well, though Six Feet Under remains one of the very best. This ending to Lost was beautiful and heartfelt, with epic and spiritual undertones throughout.

While it all made perfect sense to me, if you've already seen the final episode (and therefore won't mind spoilers), the following writeups provide some interesting insights:

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