Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lost for Illustration Friday 

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This is an old picture that I did for a Mail Art Portfolio Swap project back in 2006, but I can't think of a more appropriate picture, although it should be pointed out that Illustration Friday have run this topic before, back in October, 2005.

The picture itself is a print composed of two overprinted pieces of artwork, one of which was a collage of painted paper strips with a pencil sketch, and the other of which was an ink line drawing. These two images were composited together using a photocopier on a reduction setting, feeding good quality paper through once on a grey setting, and then again on a black text setting for the line drawing. Each one of the 30 prints was different from the others, and each had their own character.

What no-one seemed to get, and which I'll now laboriously point out, is that my picture is actually a reinterpretation of the famous Australian impressionist painting, "Lost" (1886) by Frederick McCubbin.

So here it is again, for this timeless topic.

And, if you're wondering whether the lost child in the McCubbin picture ever gets found, then I have to say she has a good chance, given the broken sapling in the foreground - a good clue to leave as a trail for searchers.

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