Friday, October 12, 2012

Coelacanth in Going Down Swinging 33 

The stellar new issue of Going Down Swinging is available now, featuring sixty contributors - of prose, poetry, art (plus music and spoken word works on the CD included) - so much to enjoy it's a little overwhelming! It's also issue number 33, which is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Lurking inside you'll find "Coelacanth," a poem/comic that I'm particularly proud of, as I think it makes good use of the form.  I've done a few poem/comics now, but they've tended mostly to be illustrated stories, rather than images and art working to weave complementary, sometimes even contradictory, threads into a cohesive whole.

When I drew this I was feeling at a loose end, and went to my lyrics book searching for something that I could possibly illustrate as a comic (this one hadn't been set to music, and still hasn't).  The best tales want to tell themselves, and this one emerged rapidly from the creative darkness.

There's so much to discover in GDS #33 - for me, so many favourites, old and new.  You can find it to purchase here.


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