Saturday, January 26, 2013

A new Australian flag 

If Australia really needs a new flag, then I reckon just go with a map of Australia itself, maybe yellow against a blue background.  Not many countries could actually use their geography this way, and it would be as distinctive as Canada's iconic maple-leaf flag.

Quite a good idea.

However, I like our current flag. I hope it doesn't change.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Ian. 'Once Upon a Time' was a marvellous magazine and the older I get the more I marvel at the wealth of talent it contained. I know just how you feel missing out on an eBay bid - the same thing happened to me with a Ron Embleton illustration but I have been lucky enough to buy other originals from Frans who sometimes sells part of his incredible collection on eBay. I'm having a blogging break at the moment but I have been thinking of posting the whole of Blasco's Alice (and maybe the Water Babies as well) as they seem so popular.

I enjoyed finding your blog through your comment. I'll be back more regularly when I get back to blogging again - Sharon.

I like the map idea. Australia is unique as an island continent and the shape itself is quite graphically attractive. Cyprus has a map flag with a wreath. perhaps we could have a gum spray. Or maybe not.
Thanks, Kitchen Hand, I hadn't thought of the flag of Cyprus! So this has been done before...
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