Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bigfoot in Exposure 

Here's a sample from a current piece that's appearing in the fine Australian comic anthology, Exposure, produced by the ACT Comic Meet (and purchasable here. This is a wonderful collection that continues the tradition of regional Australian mini-anthologies - possibly my favourite comic form.

So, in case anyone's wondering I am still drawing, but mostly trying to catch up and complete old work (with a view to building my own anthology at some point). I'm also still submitting small pieces here and there, to both small press and mainstream publications.

Mostly, I seem to be distracted by doing music again, something that I had thought I'd given up on completely. Given that my songs are fairly unconventional I'm not sure they have much of an audience, even within my current band, so this is probably something I'm doing mostly for my own interest.

My songs are, for the most part, original narrative poetry set to music, in a singer/songwriter style, usually piano-based, across a wide range of themes. Some of what I write is so odd that it's not really even suited for that, hence pieces like Tree and Coelacanth, which have been turned into poem/comics and published that way. This current piece, Bigfoot Goes to Hollywood fits that form. I can't really imagine it as a song, but as a comic, I think it works pretty well, bringing together a lot of pop culture references from the Bigfoot era.

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