Monday, October 27, 2014

22 Panels Exhibition 

Anyone into comics needs to have seen the great Wally Wood's Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work!! at some point.

Inspired by this timeless comicking advice, Tim McEwen and Jules Faber of the Australian Cartoonists' Association have put together a 22 Panels Exhibition, presented by Supernova Pop Culture Expo.  It will be at The Wedge Gallery, Books Kinokuniya, Level 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney, opening on Thursday evening, 30th October, and running until Saturday, 16th November. There will be an art book/catalogue documenting the works for sale. Also, some of the original pieces will be available to buy.

For more information, please see the 22 Panels Exhibition Facebook page.

The exhibition will feature framed original art from 22 Australian comics creators and cartoonists: David Blumenstein, Jason Chatfield, Christopher Downes, Anton Emdin, Dave Emerson, Jules Faber, Rob Feldman, First Dog On Moon, Sarah Firth, Roger Fletcher, David Follett, Hayden Fryer, Mark Guthrie, Frantz Kantor, Glen Le Lievre, Glenn Lumsden, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Dean Rankine, Daniel Tribe, Cathy Wilcox, and at Panel 21, me :).

Here are a couple of shots of my progress work on the multimedia piece I made for this Exhibition.

I took some liberties in terms of interpreting the panel I was allocated, just following the way the topic inspired me.  The picture actually tells a kind of story, in the sense that it raises questions beyond just being a newspaper frontpage, and it could function in a comic sequence in a similar way.

The media used is primarily ink and gouache, with some traditional screentone.

It's rare for me to consider selling original art, but I think I will offer this one for sale at the Exhibition at a reasonable price. 


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Apparently, this picture has been Sold! I am a little bit in shock, partly as I almost never offer work for sale, but thank you to the buyer, I'm sure this will be happy on your wall!
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