Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sneaky for Illustration Friday 

This week's Illustration Friday topic suggested lots of possibilities, but this one seemed liked a simple, clear depiction of the concept of "Sneaky."

My aim was to create a picture in a different style than my usual. While I have done pictures along these lines before, I enjoy the challenge of working completely in colour with minimal linework, although this did begin as a black-and-white sketch on paper. Please click on picture for larger image.

The scenario depicted could very easily occur at Healesville Sanctuary - visitors aren't supposed to feed the birds there and the white ibis can get very aggressive in their demands for food, so it is best not to encourage them!

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Hey Ian - thanks so much for swinging by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :D Your cartoons and comics are rad! This one cracks me up - my husband forever holds a grudge against Ibis for this reason... a cheeky one stole his sandwich when he was a kid hehe!
I love your interpretation of the topic, great illo :)

Veronika http://www.constantworkinprogress.com
Thanks, Bee and Veronika, I appreciate your comments.

This illustration doesn't appear to have been popular, so maybe it's a bit of a failed experiment as a departure from my usual style. Actually, the original sketch is pretty strong, so maybe I should've stuck with that :).
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