Sunday, June 24, 2012

Space for Illustration Friday 

Space for Illustration Friday by Ian T.

Here is my spin on "Space" for Illustration Friday.

I'd already decided, before the topic was released that I wanted to try doing a comic this week. These characters have been with me for a while, but I drew this piece especially for this week's IF.  I also wanted it to be in a relaxed style, so I drew it very quickly this afternoon, scanned it, and did minor tweaking in Photoshop.  Maybe I'll do a colour version later in the week, I don't know yet.

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That made me laugh!
It's very cute too.
Thanks, I appreciate it - funny and cute is what I was aiming for, even though it's a bit philosophical in the end :). It's hard to go wrong with Axolotls!
Nicely done! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh Ian. I love seeing a single page of comics that works on its own and that's exactly what you've done here! Love the joke, characters and the artwork.

Also, thanks for checking out my blog entry and for your good words about my work. It is much appreciated
You know....
...there's actually a LOT more happening out there than we are told about. ;-)

Seen this?
Those are pretty impressive, but I must say I'm a complete skeptic when it comes to crop circles. They're certainly created by intelligent life, but a type that is locally abundant - here's a site by some of the masters: Circle Makers.

While the comic is basically a (somewhat existentialist) gag, it's probably worth mentioning that I'm at a low point in terms of believing in anything intangible. I'm inclined to think that we (this cluster of planets, possibly including microbial life on our neighbours) are the only life that has ever existed anywhere, due to the unlikelihood of the right situation and the requisite steps all occurring.

So, in a way I kind of mean it - Space is vast, but also very lonely :)
Love the style! You nailed it. The best part of space travel is all the excitment before the trip. Once you get there though you realize all the fun stuff is back on Earth and you're as far away from that fun as anyone can be.
"..I'm at a low point in terms of believing in anything intangible."
I know exactly what you mean. I've been feeling the same way recently. However, paradoxically I've also been enjoying exploring different possibilities that my mind was previously closed to. It’s kinda given me a new freedom.

Thanks for the link...interesting stuff.
Haha, hooray for weird animals with weird names! The layout for the comic is great. Love their expressions in the last frame. Silly axolotls!
Funny! Love the Yin and Yan characters.
This is great! I know nothing about comic drawing so I'm always in awe of those like you who do it so well. Congrats. Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog post this week!
You have definitely achieved cute and funny! I love these little guys...they have so much character! Great comic :)
Oh my... this one ends tragically, doesn't it.
Mmm... Yin & Yang may have a point...or not. Depends on one's perspective, literally...
Ian, thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me out, I appreciate it. The correction was very easy.

I love your strip. I wrote a short story back in college about the idea "space is boring, most of the time." Maybe, because space is boring, that's why the space shuttle flies upside down.
Hahaha sooo funny... and true, I am pretty sure cats would find it pretty boring up there in space (unless we were to manage a small laser to move around for them to chase! Now that could save them from boredom!) hehehe I think human may be the only "animal" to actually appreciate contemplating our univers... something we actually don't do often enough. Thank you Ian for stopping by my website!! Made me discover your amazing work (and world) !! :)
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