Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wandering artwork 

When you create pictures they can turn up in odd places, completely without your permission and often without your knowledge. I remember one year drawing a Santa for a Christmas card at a place I was working then, a year or two later, I found him still doing the rounds for some department or other, albeit having gone through a few generations of photocopying.

Here are some current examples of artwork being used without my knowledge.

  • My Angels & Devils Illustration Friday picture - being used as a graphic on a Timorese blog Angels and Devils Timoreses.

  • It's a popular one, having also appeared in February this year over at Noahopinion, under "Angels vs. Devils".

  • My old Crocodiles and Beer cartoon that I drew for Inkspot back in 2005, a year later apparently unofficially appearing over at Miss Cellania's blog.

  • These are good reasons why I don't tend to put full stories and all my artwork up online - it's bad enough having single images appropriated without being asked (I am quite approachable and only bite occasionally). Also, a good reason to sign your pictures, so they at least remain credited!


    I recently had a similar situation with a piece of mine, Solitude. In fact, if you look up "Solitude" under Google Images, it's the first one listed, but on someone else's site! That's due to a broken link during a blog upgrade. I was able to contact that person, who now gives me credit, but it's so frustrating, especially when I see it used on other sites as well, uncredited! It's been used with permission for someone's CD as well. Key words: with permission.

    I do initial all of my works, blending it in with the background so as not to distract the eye. But it's there if you know where to look, so I can prove it's my work.

    Aravis, it's a poor excuse, but your picture is such a sublime expression of "Solitude" that it makes the perfect editorial illustration. As you say though... permission is the key!
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